Private Educational Center “Argyrou”

The design process of an educational project has always been a challenge. In this case, the clients were four young inspired teachers with a vision to contribute to the community development. The site is in a semi-urban environment, located in Deftera village which is adjacent to the capital.

The program consists of a reception area, six classrooms, a computers classroom, a conference room, and a study room. Movable partitions are installed at the Ground Floor to allow the unification of two classrooms. The North external area is a playground for educational activities. The core idea of the project is to understand and differentiate the architectural qualities of the common areas from the classrooms. The common areas are for socializing and the classrooms are focused on teaching, while both being equally important in education.

By dividing a box in half, common areas are placed in between with double height transparency on both sides, letting the natural light and views of nature enter the building. Emphasis was given at the scale of the project and the use of color as part of the strategy to create a friendly environment. Interior design derives from light and sound studies to maximize the performance of the building. External shading louvers at the South elevation control the natural light. The structure is of composite metal structure with concrete, finished with suitable soundproof materials and ceiling panels.

Location: Deftera, Cyprus

Completion Year: 2019

Architects: Constantinos Constanti, Antonis Charalambous, Thrasivoulos Karayiannis