Private House in Pera Chorio

The plot for the specific project presented certain difficulties, which went on to challenge the design team to seek for innovative ideas -both design and construction-wise. The area to be developed was at the back yard of a pre-existing building, which was not to be damaged or bothered in any way. Also the existing building presented an obstacle for any heavy machinery or vehicle to enter the plot.  Moreover, the yard was full with trees which are to be preserved – especially an old olive tree. The demands of the client were that the new building had to be at ground level and in no case a second level would be acceptable.

The design team reached a solution according  to which the whole house would be designed around and in betweeen all the existing trees. This way the boundaries between the exterior and the interior space became vague and the trees went on to becoma an integral part of the interior space. The foundations of the building were kept at minimum and the structure was raised from the yard level in order to minimize the damage to the roots of the trees.

The form of the house was largely dictated by the need for a steel structure that would be quickly transported and put together in place in the minimum possible time frame without disturbing the everyday life of the residents of the house in the front. A significant amount of time was invested in a design that would compliment the structure itself and would become a feature to reflect the design process.

Location: Pera Chorio, Cyprus

Completion Year: not released

Architects: Constantinos Constanti, Thrasivoulos Karayiannis