House 132

“The rediscovery of the space of everyday life” emerged as a necessity due to the special approach of the customer/client to his own way of life, combined with a very personal sense of taste “. The first images that the house gives, are enough to perceive the movement towards unconventional solutions. The facade is a composition of volumes and shapes where the shape of the circle in various sizes and versions prevails. On the rectangular bare concrete wall the circles are the windows of the living room on the ground floor and of the master bedroom upstairs, while on the white alucopond lined surface next to the red corridor leading from the street to the front door, the black circles become a decorative toy. The most dynamic element of the house, however, is the semicircle that forms its western side, on the first floor. Looking from the backyard, the whole floor looks like it is wrapped in a white ribbon, and sitting on the glass volume of the ground floor, it seems to be floating in the air.

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