Private House in Dromolaxia

Architects: Constantinos Constanti, Marina Varkari
Location: Dromolaxia
Year: 2009-2011
Images: Constantinos Constanti

The house, of an area of 300m2, on a corner plot of 520m2, is the home of a young couple.

It is laid out on three levels and is L-shaped. Among the basic principles of composition were the uniting of the interior with the exterior space, the dissolution, in effect, of the boundaries between them, and the maintaining of privacy as regards the road.

The ground floor consists of a lounge, dining room, sitting room, kitchen, study and ancillary premises. The living room communicates directly with the kitchen and the dining room, and forms a single space with the lounge and open-air sitting area. A stone-clad surface passes through the lounge and extends to the exterior, thus unifying the interior with the exterior space. The double height in the sitting room and the metal bridge with glass floor which crosses it, create a comfortable, more atmospheric space, to sit and relax.
The first floor accommodates bedrooms, which are in a linear layout. The metal bridge separates the main bedroom from the rest.

In the basement there are areas for ancillary uses and a large multi-purpose space which merges with an exterior slope that leads to the main courtyard of the house, on ground-floor level.

The lines that compose the main elevation are dynamic and striking. Surfaces clad with various materials, such as stone and wood in conjunction with exposed concrete, make up the house’s north-facing aspect, with very few apertures. On the other hand, on the south-western side, the large apertures in all the areas unify the interior with the exterior, thus creating a hospitable, high-quality environment.