Hotel “Flamingo Paradise”

Architects: Constantinos Constanti, Thrasivoulos Karayiannis, Paulos Onisiphorou

Location: Protaras
Year: 2021

A hotel right on the beachfront of Protaras’ most popular beach. The aim of the Design Team was the visual and natural reunion of the city with the sea, a relationship which had de-facto been cancelled by the occupation of the coastal front by massive hotels. The volume of the Rooms floats above the street level, while at the same time the hotel’s public spaces are laid down below the road (taking advantage of the altitude difference between the road and the sea),thus creating an unobstructed view towards the Mediterranean. At the same time a straight path (free to use by everyone) is created, starting from the street level, running through all the levels of the hotel to end up either on the beach or on the viewing bridge and stretching to a panoramic view of the sea. All the rooms have been properly rotated so as to secure a view to the sea, while their shape and colour provides a sense of uniqueness and identity to each visitor.

Location: Protaras, Cyprus

Completion Year: 2020

Architects: Constantinos Constanti, Thrasivoulos Karayiannis