Our Team

Introducing our team of truly talented individuals.

Constantinos Constanti (Founder/Director)

Constantinos Constanti studied Architecture (MSc/arch) at Sofia’s Architecture University. He founded ΕΝΑprosEKATO – Constanti Architects in Nicosia, in 2006. He has designed and supervised a great variety of architectural works, including public and private buildings (houses, private hospitals, luxury homes, malls, fairgrounds, tourist attractions etc.) Constantinos has served for a number of years as President of the Cyprus Architects Association. He has also served the position of the Vice President at the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) and he currently holds the position of President.

Despo Violari (Technical Designer)

Despoina Violari has been with ENAprosEKATO-Constanti Architects since its establishment. With significant experience throughout her 35-year career in some of the most renowned architecture firms in Cyprus, she has been an essential part of the Constanti Architects’ mechanism.

Thrasivoulos Karayiannis (Senior Architect Engineer/BIM Coordinator)

Thrasivoulos Karayiannis completed his studies at the Architecture School of the National Technical University of Athens in 2011. He joined ENAprosEKATO the following year (2012), and has since then taken part in the design and supervision of various projects, as well as in numerous architectural competitions.

Christina Stavrou (Senior Architect)

Christina completed her Bachelor of Architecture (RIBA Part 1) at the University of Nottingham in July 2014 and she did her practice experience at the office.In July 2017 Christina completed her Master of Architecture (RIBA Part 2) at the University of Nottingham. She joined ENAprosEKATO in 2017.

Paul Onisiphorou (Senior Architect)

Pavlos completed his Bachelor of Architecture (RIBA Part 1) and his Master of Architecture (RIBA Part 2) at De Montfort University. He joined ENAprosEKATO in 2019.

Aristi Pavlou (Senior Architect)

Aristi Pavlou graduated from University of Cyprus with a Bachelor in Architecture (2015) and a Diploma of Architect Engineer (2016). She then pursued graduate studies at HKU University of the Arts in the Netherlands, receiving a Master of Fine Art and Design in Scenography (2019). She joined ENAprosEKATO with her return back to Cyprus in 2019, and has since taken part in different aspects of the design process of both residential and commercial projects.

Annie Shakalli (Architect)

Annie Shiakalli graduated from Frederick University with a Diploma in Architecture (2019). She completed her Master Degree in Sustainable Build and Environment at Frederick University in 2020. She joined ENAprosEKATO in 2020.

Vasilis Panayides (Architect)

Vasilis completed his Bachelor of Architecture (RIBA Part 1) at De Montfort University. He completed his Diploma in Architecture at University of Nicosia in 2021. He joined ENAprosEKATO in 2021.

Angelina Constanti (Architect)

Angelina completed her Bachelor of Architecture (RIBA Part 1) at the University of Sheffield in July 2018. She did her practice experience both at Thessaloniki and at our office. She completed her Master of Applied Design in Architecture (RIBA Part 2) at Oxford Brookes University. She joined ENAprosEKATO in 2021.

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